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The Black Opera "EnterMission." CD


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Product: CD
Artist: The Black Opera
Album: EnterMission.
Release Date: December 13, 2011


01. EnterMission: Endtro. (prod by The Black Opera)
02. The Black Opera feat Melody Betts (prod by J. Bizness)
03. Manute Bol (prod by Astronote)
04. Villains (prod by Nick Speed)
05. Dark Comedy (prod by Astronote)
06. ThrILL feat Fyza (prod by 14KT)
07. All Over Disguise (prod by Astronote)
08. Monsters And Robots (prod by Astronote)
09. The Magician (prod by Astronote)
10. Fantom (prod by Astronote)

Album Description:
EnterMission is the second installment of the three part introduction: The Black Op: Era I. Although there was little time separating the first two installments, the growth is evident and undeniable. EnterMission is a well orchestrated mix of past, present and future audio revolution. TBO’s sound evolves from grimy and dirty to distinguished and polished to exhibit their amazing range of musical balance. EnterMission gives you a closer look inside the The Black Operations intentions without revealing too much of what's to come on the third installment: Libretto of King Legend.