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The Black Opera "African America" CD


This CD's Cover booklet serves as a DIY Custom Passport ID that you can fill out for memorabilia purposes and post on Social Media to Spread The Warning.

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Product: CD
Artist: The Black Opera
Album: African America
Release Date: November 11, 2016


01 Top 5 (prod 14KT)
02 Save Us ft soulgalaxygirl (prod Magestik Legend)
03 Holy Ghost (prod Magestik Legend)
04 African America (prod J. Bizness)
05 Black Woman Is God (prod Magestik Legend)
06 Black Frankenstein (prod Kensaye)
07 Pardon (prod Magestik Legend and Jamall Bufford)
08 Beautiful City (prod Magestik Legend and Jamall Bufford)
09 Young Ones (prod Magestik Legend)
10 Numb (prod Magestik Legend)
11 Hashtag Stay Woke [EnterLude]
12 The Wake (prod Magestik Legend)
13 Positive Vibes Only (prod Kensaye)

Album Recorded in Michigan and California.
Upright Bass on “Save Us” played by Josef Deas.
Additional production direction by Jamall Bufford on "Save Us"
Acoustic Guitar and Beatbox on "Pardon" played by Obie Iyoha.
Keys on “Beautiful City” played by Brendan Asante.
Bass and Guitar on “Beautiful City” played by Josef Deas.
Bass on “Young Ones” played by Josef Deas.


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