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Obie Iyoha "Midnight Run" CD


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Product: CD
Artist: Obie Iyoha
Album: Midnight Run
Release Date: January 22, 2016


01) Lights Out (prod by Obie Iyoha, guitar by JT Garfield, drums by Spunky Smith)
02) Down Here (prod by DaG, co-prod by Obie Iyoha, guitar by Jake Liepshutz)
03)Twenty-Twelve (prod by AP)
04) TrippyVille (prod by AP)
05) Bad Love (prod by 14KT)
06) Deja Vu feat. Black Alfalfa (prod by Professor Megablown)
07) Voodoo feat. Naya X.O. (prod by DaG, co-prod by Spunky Smith)
08) Midnight Run (prod by Chisom Uzosike)
09) Lost In America (prod by Chisom Uzosike)
10) Lights On feat. Maya Caldwell (prod by by Lord Fubu)
11) Coins (prod by Pat2Dope)
12) Assassins feat. Jamall Bufford and Magestik Legend (prod by Chisom Uzosike)

Album Description:
Approaching your official debut album can be a daunting task for most musicians, especially in the rap game. But Obie Iyoha embraced this challenge and handcrafted an opus to be proud of. With Midnight Run, The Black Opera member and Ann Arbor native asserts his range as an artist, his wisdom beyond his years, and his Nigerian heritage.

Midnight Run is a journey through the murky-water trenches of southeast Michigan, otherwise known as 'Trippyville', confronting the vices that the night has to offer. The album is laced with live instrumentation over vibey production. It flows through slow, bass-heavy trap, and onto upbeat boom-bap and dance, painting a sonic portrait of a late night excursion through the inner city. Obie Iyoha may be a new name to some, but his stories are vivid enough to bring you into his world and make you feel like it’s your own. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.


All tracks mixed at The Legend Lab by Magestik Legend except “Deja Vu” mixed by Drew Denton aka Spunky Smith and “Twenty-Twelve” mixed by Steve Diehl at Saint Eve Records.

All vocals recorded by Drew Denton aka Spunky Smith except “TrippyVille”, “Midnight Run” and “Assassins” recorded by Magestik Legend at The Legend Lab.

Album mastered by Magestik Legend at The Legend Lab
Executive Produced by The Black Opera
Hand-Drawn Art by ObiE Iyoha
Graphic Design by Andrew Kligier [For Pete’s Sake]